Elton de Leon Arteaga

Visual Artist / Photographer

"Seeing things is an intellectual-aesthetic exercise which increases one's inalienable capital: riches that can be accumulated without cost and, once acquired, cannot be lost or stolen." — George Nelson

Hi, my name is Elton and the quote above encapsulates the way I approach visual communications and media. I work as a freelance creative. As a creative, I have an eye for design and revel in technologies. As a visual artist, photography is my main outlet. I live and work in Boise, Idaho and enjoy long walks.

Available for hire and collaboration. Drop me a tweet@deLeonElton.


Morley Nelson Bird of Prey Artist-in-Residence Program 2018

with the musical group — Greaπurtle

Awarded an artist-in-residence at the Morley Nelson Snake River Birds of Prey Nation Conservation Area. I spent the summer photographing and editing a video album for the Conservation Area's 25th Anniversary. The sounds and music was made by Greaπurtle. The band and I attempted to capture the intensity, the history, and the beauty of this wild desert place.

Equirectangular Images / 360 Stills

Lifestyle Portraits

Branding at Rose Ranch

April 11, 2014

32nd National Cowboy Poetry Gathering

January 30 – February 4, 2016

2016 Treefort Music Fest

March 22nd – the 26th

BSU MFA Reading – Ming Studios

Janunary 19th, 2018

Geologist, Nate Wright X-Mas Christmas Cards

Christmas 2016 & 2017